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Tandberg Innovation AS joins Zacco

Zacco is pleased to announce the acquisition of Tandberg Innovation AS

Tandberg has been serving the Scandinavian Intellectual Property market since 1886, only 16 years fewer than Zacco and their extensive experience with the full range of IPR consultancy services will complement Zacco’s continued expansion across the region. Tandberg’s value adding business development model and their expertise in IP management, across multiple sectors, has been essential to their growth across Norway. This experience, combined with their proficiency in innovation funding and investment, has earned them a reputation for offering trusted counsel and practical advice to their clients.

Tandberg will work together with Zacco in leading companies through the innovation process and advising them on IP strategy across the Nordic regions. They will benefit from Zacco’s wider reach into the European IP market and Zacco will have access to a comprehensive new set of skills and competences that complement our current offering. Tandberg will also have the added advantage of unlimited access to Zacco’s distinguished IP Services model, including our translations, validations and renewals teams, ensuring a high level of consistency and efficiency between our respective processes and more cost effective delivery to clients.

There is a natural cultural fit between the two organisations and Tandberg shares the Zacco values of quality, professionalism, collaborative working, sharing knowledge for the benefit of both clients and colleagues and, perhaps most importantly, a sincere belief that support and assistance throughout the innovation process is integral to the future of every organisation. Innovation is what moves the world forward, and both companies are proud to be able to contribute to it.

Kjell Sommerseth, Tandberg’s CEO, stated “The team is thrilled and excited to be joining forces with Zacco. This transition will give Tandberg access to a wider service portfolio, enabling us to provide an improved service to our clients. This will also align our service delivery with clients who have found themselves operating in increasingly complex business environments.”

Thomas Rukin, Zacco’s Regional Director for Norway and the UK, added “The name Tandberg Innovation is synonymous with the development and protection of IP Rights across Norway and the friendly rivalry that has developed between our organisations has always presented an interesting challenge. The fact that Zacco will now be working with Tandberg presents a fantastic opportunity to grow our businesses alongside one another and the experience and knowledge that such an acquisition brings will significantly increase the value that we can each offer our respective clients.

This is certainly an exciting time to be joining Zacco and Tandberg Innovation is a company that we truly believe in. We are very much looking forward to collaborating with our new colleagues; sharing ideas and expertise, and working together to further develop our quality and services for the benefit of our clients.”

What does this currently mean for Tandberg Clients?

Tandberg will be able to operate at a higher service level and broaden the menu of services, offering access to a much larger pool of competence and experience.

Will we see any changes in how Tandberg operates?

For the coming period, Tandberg will operate as a stand-alone unit wholly owned by Zacco. We have already initiated the co-ordination of resources between our organisations, securing alignment and quality on handling of tasks that lay on our desks.

What does this mean for Tandberg operations?

There will be more time to focus on clients, as Zacco will be able to assist with some of the operational and administrative processes behind the scenes.

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