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An active and
long-term owner

Eterna’s vision is to be an active, long-term owner focused on Nordic SMEs. We invest in businesses with sustained competitive advantages that over time generate strong growth and/or profitability.

Eterna’s ambition is to be an active owner and partner of the Nordic region’s most competitive SMEs. As an active owner we operate over a long time horizon, working with senior management to ensure that each company fulfils its full sales, profitability and market potential.


Our aim is not to maximise the value of our stake at a given point in time. Instead, we strive to build stable companies with strong cash flow that gradually develop their business and financials over time.


Eterna focuses on competitive companies rather than specific industries, but has a particular interest in:

  • Software and information services

  • High-tech industry

  • Service companies in tech-related industries


Eterna may take either a minority or a majority stake in a company and has extensive experience of investing in growth businesses.


Eterna’s owners are a select group of private individuals with a strong background in Swedish business and management.

”We strive to build stable companies with strong cash flow”

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