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Martin and Peder have considerable experience of working with companies in tech-related industries, with an emphasis on sectors such as software, high-tech, industrial technology, telecoms and professional services. They have worked on growth investing in the field of technology since 1997. 


From 1997 to 2006 Martin worked as a partner at Swedestart and CapMan. Peder was Investment Director at InnovationsKapital from 1997 onwards. After working together for many years on a number of investments in the technology sector, in 2006 Martin became a partner at InnovationsKapital.


In 2011, Martin, Peder and industry colleague Hans Blomberg decided to set up their own company, Eterna. Eterna was established as an investment company with a focus on long-term value creation with no time-limited exit terms. From the outset the emphasis has been on specialist companies in the field of technology. Today, Eterna has holdings in a number of well-positioned companies in the areas of software, industrial technology and specialist services. All the companies possess sustained competitive advantages based on technology or in-depth technical know-how.

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